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Craft your way to the top by progressing through different tiers unlocking new items and structures to use. Structures can be upgraded with a ticket purchased from the shop to improve its functionality, this is dependant on the structure type.


WASD keys to move
Left Click to place/sell item

Right Click to drop/sell item in stacks

NUM keys to select item

E to interact

F to pickup structure

R to remove upgrade

C to cancel crafting

How to Play

You start the game with nothing but your hands. Find a nearby tree and use your hands to gather logs.


Logs can be used to craft a workbench by opening the crafting menu. Place the workbench down anywhere you want outside of the shop. Open the workbench to bring up a menu that displays what you can currently craft, you will see more items unlock when you reach higher tiers. Your goal in this tier is to craft a wooden pickaxe to start mining stone which can be found nearby. After some mining, you will eventually be able to craft a furnace and smelt stone bringing you to the next tier.


You have now unlocked the ability to craft stone tools at the workbench. Start producing tools to sell at the shop for a good profit. You need to have enough money to buy 8 iron ore from the shop. Smelt the iron ore in the furnace to get iron bringing you to the next tier.


Use the iron to craft an anvil at the workbench, you will also need to craft a hammer to use the anvil. You can craft intermediate+ tools on the anvil by selecting what tool to craft in the menu, equip a hammer and hit the anvil until the tool is complete. Sell tools at the shop to purchase the next unlocked ore. Repeat this process for the remaining tiers.


This game is in active development and i would love to hear your feedback! Many thanks for playing!

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