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How Cybersecurity Can Help You Grow Your Business

If you’re thinking of starting a new business, there are many new digital technologies available to help streamline your workflows and optimize your processes, saving you time and money while you market your company and look for customers. One of those must-have technologies is a cybersecurity solution to keep your proprietary data and your client information safe and secure. Here, SirHandsomeJack takes a look at how keeping cybersecurity in mind when developing your business can help position you as an industry leader:

Secure Payment Processing

When you run an e-commerce business and you accept online payments from your customers, it is imperative to use an online payment gateway or virtual terminal that is built to protect their information and prevent fraudulent activities. When looking for a point-of-sale system or a payment processing company to handle your transactions, select one that provides end-to-end encryption for client information.

Show your customers that you have their security top of mind by choosing a payment system that features a “guaranteed safe checkout” icon or logo when they pay for their products or services. It should also allow for a variety of payment methods, and use APIs so that the customer doesn’t have to leave your secure site to complete the transaction. Making payments fast, secure, and easy for your clientele will help turn your small company into a trusted brand.

Authentication and Password Protection

In order to prevent possible cyberattacks, make sure everyone working for your company is aware of potential dangers when they’re online, and encourage the use of strong passwords and multi-factor authentication when logging onto your system or servers. When you need to share information with employees and stakeholders, using password-protected PDFs is an effective way to protect sensitive documents from cyberattacks. Thankfully, you can convert an email into a PDF. When you save email as a PDF from your phone, you can password-protect your file.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Having a plan in place before you’re the victim of a cyberattack is the best way to prevent business interruption, loss of data, and even loss of customers and partners. Once you’ve identified a threat, breach, or vulnerability, it’s essential to act quickly.

Viruses spread very rapidly, so try to locate and isolate the breach in order to minimize its reach. Disconnect from the internet and take your website down so that hackers are unable to do any further damage. And make data backup part of your processes, so that you can quickly get back to business after an attack.

Using a cloud-based offsite server to store your data is a cost-effective way to keep your information backed up and protected, so you can quickly retrieve it and get back to business. Or you can also buy a terabyte drive to store your data on-site.

When you run a small business and you want to keep your company’s and your customers’ data protected, there are cost-effective solutions you can implement to prevent cyberattacks and to help you recover quickly after a security breach. So look for software that suits your needs, don’t forget to run regular updates to avoid new threats, and password-protect sensitive internal documents. Your business will benefit greatly as your focus on safety will increase customers’ trust and satisfaction in your brand.

Image via Pixabay

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