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Unit 1 (P7, P8, D2): Personal Development Plan

A Personal Development Plan is as follows:

"A structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development." - The Higher Education Academy


Produce a personal development plan (P7)


Follow a personal development plan (P8)

Improvements and Review

Review progress on a personal development plan, identifying areas for improvement (D2)

Areas for Improvement

Programming Language

I stated previously that I wanted to learn programming language. I had a little go at programming a mod for Minecraft to see how it turns out and if I would like programming in the long run. It was quite fun creating something using words; I find it fascinating that you can change an entire game to a whole different experience or make a completely new game using Java!

This also goes towards my ambition of becoming a game designer stated in my personal development plan.

Here are the steps taken to make a working mod in Minecraft using a programming language called Java:


I stated in my personal development plan that I wanted to get at least a B in AS. To get to this target, I needed to work hard and continue drawing and developing new ideas for my final piece. The improvements I need to take was to be more organised. If I was set a homework to be done for next week, I would need to try and get it done beforehand as leaving an art work to be done the night before is a huge workload to carry.

Results day has approached and I can happily say that I did achieve my goal and I have gotten a B at AS. I was pleased with myself as I have worked very hard this year and spent a lot of time filling up my art book with wondrous drawings.

Web Designer

I stated in my personal development plan that I wanted to make a website. To get to this target, I must learn the basics of HTML and CSS so I can make my website look good and function well. Luckily, I am going to be doing Unit 28 which is a web production unit in which I will be able to create a website. This means that what I am doing now will go towards what I will be doing for unit 28. To get started, I read a tutorial online and learned what most of the tags do in HTML and CSS and I am ready to make a website.

I have finally finished the website and here is the final outcome:

This looks like a really good website and I am happy with the outcome.

Review Progress

By doing a personal development plan, I realise my strengths and weaknesses. Setting these targets helped me to plan ahead of time and to make realistic deadlines. I have learnt and achieved several things during this time period and wish to do something like this again.

The first thing I did was to identify an area of improvement, which was programming language. I learned and practised programming which made it clearer to me of what I want to do in the future as I enjoyed programming a small mod for Minecraft. Not only this, but this made it easier for me to discuss my skills with other people which enabled me to boost my confidence. The second thing I did that needed improvement was working towards getting a B at AS level in Art Graphics. After getting a B at results day, it made me realise that all of the work I put into it paid off and I could not have asked for more. Lastly, I also made an improvement in working towards being a web designer. I concentrated and learned a lot about HTML and CSS which resulted me in making a website which contributed to unit 28 and I was happy with how it turned out.

In summary, I have successfully achieved most of my targets in the personal development plan and I also made improvements to further improve myself. I also made a mod for Minecraft in which I would not have made without making a personal development plan. This has shown me that if I work towards a goal, then I can achieve it as long as I keep working for it.

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