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Unit 17 (P4, M2): Project Specification

Produce a project specification (P4)

Identification of Stakeholders

The Stakeholders are people that are actively involved in the project and affect the overall outcome of the project.

The main stakeholder of the project is the client. The client decides what they want their project to be and what needs to be done. The client has most of the rights to the project as it will be their idea that is being implemented. My client is the owner of Timebridge and he has asked me to produce a website for Timebridge to be available to the local community to have easy access to what activities they do at Timebridge.

The project manager is Trotter. He has tasked us to produce a plan for the website. Visually illustrating the plan through Project Plan and then to go forward with it. The plan specifies that we have meetings every week to gather ideas and the progress we have done. The project manager then decides whether it is following the clients’ needs and improvements where necessary.

The project team is me and Vicky. The project team follows the lead of the project manager and we deliver the project. From plans to prototypes, we are in charge of completing the project along with the project manager.

Business Case Requirements

My reason for making the website for Timebridge is to create a place where the local community can visit daily to find out the events and the latest news about the activities that Timebridge offers. Most of the target audiences are going to be old people and the website needs to be as simple and easy to navigate as possible so they won’t get confused. This website will not only attract existing customers, but to hopefully get more of the local community aware of what Timebridge offers to them which will benefit Timebridge greatly.

Specific Objectives or Deliverables

The plan for the project is to make a website, for this, we need to take photos. Luckily, our school is right next to Timebridge so we are able to take photos from a primary source and therefore, I can take pictures how I want them and will not need to reference other sources since the images did not come from other sources. I will produce enough pages for the website to display what they offer, from activities to events and the latest news on what is currently happening. The colour scheme will be based on the clients’ needs and the project managers’ thoughts; we have decided to go blue and white with yellow strips and black text.

Benefits and Success Factors

The success factor is how the project manager will measure the success of the overall website and determine whether it can be a benefit to the client and to Timebridge. In order to achieve a successful project, we need to be organised. For this, I used Microsoft Project to plan out a Gantt chart to visually see what tasks we have done and achieved the deadline and what tasks need to be doing. Since most of the target audience it old people, I need to make the website easy to use, since technology is not their strong point. Hosting the website will be expensive and there can be two options, we can host the website ourselves or pay another company to host it for us, both need money. I also need to make sure the web server needs to have enough performance to decrease the amount of crashes.

I will be setting the deadlines in my project to have the all the project finished by October 14th. Everything from now until October 14th will be scheduled with tasks that need to be done.


There will be constraints when it comes to making a website. Time is one of the major constraints as Timebridge needs to have their latest news updated. This means that we will have deadlines every month based on how much Timebridge wants to update their latest news. Another major constraint in making the website is the web server. It is expensive for pay for the server which means we need to find a way to earn that money back, or pay someone else to host the website for us.

Consideration of Options

I will be considering the different options I can take in order to complete the project. This will ensure that I have a backup plan ready or an alternative option to take on the project in case it is necessary. An example of an alternative to the website production is to use another template from a different website. If what we plan in the prototype does not go to plan, then we can just pull a template from another website for us to use as a foundation layer to get started. This can put us at a disadvantage because it will not be our work otherwise.


Issues include things like not meeting the set deadlines which in turn leads to the website not being made or the photos where not taken or not taken to the correct quality which will lead to client dissatisfaction. Another issue is that a project team member is not writing relevant information about Timebridge or not putting enough effort into it which can which can make the client question whether they are not using the information the client gave them to put up on the website.

Government Laws

Government Laws are a factor when it comes to creating the website. Since the website will have to be online, it is important that it abides by the regulations of different Government laws. The project needs to be created around the rules of government laws. These laws need to be followed as doing the opposite will lead to the failure of the project.

Understanding Consequences of Failure to Hit Deadlines or Produce Product

Sometimes when deadlines are set in a project, it does not mean that the tasks will be completed. Failing to complete a task before a deadline can be critical to some projects. For example, if you are building a house and the walls still have not been done, then the next task which is building a roof also cannot be completed. In some projects, failing to complete a task before a deadline can delay the whole project so it is very important to meet deadlines when they are given to you.

Risks and Risk Mitigation

Assess the impact of potential risks to a project (M2)

There are risks involved in making a Website for Timebridge. There are possible risks such as getting facts wrong or putting incorrect information into the website which will make the local community think an activity in there when it actually is not. There are also the risks that the local community view the website for a certain activity. If suddenly the activity is no longer available at a later date, then the local community will be unsatisfied.

To avoid most of these risks we will create a feedback page on the website specifically for the local community to give Timebridge suggestions on what they would prefer to be available to them in the future of Timebridge. This also helps us avoid adding irrelevant information to the website as we are getting feedback directly from the local community.

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