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Unit 17 (P7, D2): Project Review

Carry out a review of the project management process (P7)

Actual Dates Achieved for Milestones Compared to Planned Dates with Reasons for Difference

In the first plan, we managed to get a few tasks done before there were alterations to the team which left us with two people. In addition to this, we started the theory work before we made any plans, which I felt that we should have planed the project first with included theory work instead of the other way around. As a result of this, I decided to re-plan the project with the idea of two people and re-do the theory work since I had lost everything on a USB stick. We were able to achieve most of the dates and milestones that were set in the re-plan and I managed to get back up-to-date despite losing everything once. Our project was handed in on time but we still have theory work to complete which was overdue. However, we managed to get it done before the rescheduled deadline for November 4th.

Actual Use of Resources Compared with Planned Resources Needed

Most of the time, the resources and facilities were there when we needed them. However, sometimes the school laptops were not fully charged and therefore we were not able to do any work on some days which slowed progress down, but we still managed to get it done at other times when they were available.


Unanticipated External Factors That Affected the Project

On one day, we planned to take photos of Timebridge but the weather was bad and wanted to take photos on a sunny day so the photos looked good for the website, so we needed to wait another day to take photos.

Validity and Effectiveness of the Tools Used

Evaluate the effectiveness of the tools used to plan the project (D2)

Several tools have been used to aid in completing the project. This report will evaluate the effectiveness of the tools throughout the project in order to conclude their overall support in the completion of this project.

Microsoft Project was a good tool to use to easily schedule and plan what we are going to do and when. It allowed us to visually represent our project flow in a Gantt chart to help us know how long we have left until deadlines. However, early on in the project, we did not know what tasks to do when and how to use Microsoft Project, and so we had no plan in the starting phase. It was not until later we found out that we had to make a Gantt chart and so it was more of a rush to get it done then a thorough plan. Having said that, we had to start from scratch anyway because a few issues occurred which slowed our progress.

I did not get to use all the features of Microsoft Project. Since I had no previous experience in using the software, I was only able to create a basic Gantt chart. Features like deadlines, milestones I did not get around to doing, but nonetheless, it was a workable Gantt chart and we were able to get the project done and managed well.

Another tool that I used was Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is well-known software that creates documents professionally and easily. I used this tool to write up agenda and minutes and all of the theory work which was done simultaneously to the project. Microsoft Word was an effective tool in the development of our project. This tool became very effective because I have a lot of experience using this tool beforehand and know a lot about it. Therefore, I was able to quickly and easily create professional documents to print out. This tool was used throughout the project and was very useful when it was being used.

Another tool that was used in the project was Outlook. Outlook is a method of sending and receiving e-mails from stakeholders and we were able to communicate with each other when physical communication was not available. Outlook is also a way to plan meetings in the Outlook calendar which became very effective when it reminds us 15 minutes beforehand so we are well aware that there is a meeting and will not forget it. Outlook only becomes ineffective when the other stakeholders do not check their e-mails regularly which can have an effect on the progression of the project at a later date.

The final tool that I used was Notepad++. I used this tool to make an interactive website. I have no experience in using Adobe Dreamweaver so I was uncomfortable in using it. This is why I decided to use Notepad ++ instead. It is a simple and easy tool to use and I was able to code HTML and CSS into the software. I have used Notepad++ before so I am comfortable in using the software. It was an effective tool because I was able to create an interactive website and I am happy with the outcome.

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