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Unit 28 (M3, D3): Requirements and Purpose of the Created Website

Improving the Effectiveness of the Website

Improve the effectiveness of a website on the basis of a client review (M3)

My client told me to improve the home page of the website by putting a video of

Timebridge to welcome the users to. This also adds another tool to the list of tools that I have used. Since this is the only video I have used on the website.

I also added an email address which is hyperlinked so that when you click it; it opens up Outlook with the subject and email address already there. This is the code I have used:

<a href="" target="_top"></a>

I have also put a contact form so that you can contact reception to have that one-to-one interaction between the user and the staff manager.

Requirements and Purpose

Demonstrate that a created website meets the defined requirements and achieves the defined purpose (D3)

I have kept the same colour scheme as planned in the design. However, I have decided to change the layout because I feel like the navigation column is taking up too much space when I only planned for a couple of pages. I decided to put the navigation bar horizontally under the title of the website. I have also removed site map/links which was supposed to be at the bottom of the page for the same reason, I have planned a couple of pages and it would be useless to have a site map.

One of the requirements was for users to easily know when Timebridge is available to them and the ‘About’ page tells them that with clear text. There is also a page for users to look at the gallery; more pictures can be added over time as more and more events.

The finished outcome has met the requirements of the clients’ needs. It is simple and easy to navigate through the website. The navigation bar links all the pages together on each page so you can easily navigate to whatever page you want no matter where you are in the website.

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