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Unit 34 (P1, P2, M2): Recruitment Documentation and Skills Required for a Specific Job Role

Recruitment Documentation

Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation (P1)

Recruitment Process

Tesco would need to identify what job roles need filling and what are the needs/requirements for that role are. Establishing the need will enable the business to hire the right candidate for the job since you know what you are looking for. In this case, Tesco is looking for a Finance Business Partner in Commercial.

A position description is next on the agenda and it is the core of a successful recruitment process. It is used to develop interview questions, interview evaluations and reference check questions. Prior to developing the job description, the hiring manager should identify several things such as: General Information, Position Purpose, Essential Functions, Minimum Requirements and Preferred Qualifications for the specific job role.

Here is the position description for this role:

Once the position description has been completed, the position can then be posted and advertised. Tesco needs to ensure that before posting the position, everything should be accurate as possible. It may not be possible to change elements of a position once posted, because it may impact the applicant pool.

Once the position has been posted, candidates will apply via Tesco’s careers page. Candidates will complete an electronic applicant online for the position. Tesco will receive a lot of applications so they need to develop a short list based on how good the applications are. The short list will be submitted for approval. Once approved, the applicants can then be contacted for interviews.

Interviews are an important step in the recruitment process. It is the opportunity for the employer and prospective employee to learn more about each other and validate information provided by both. Once the interviews have been completed, the interviewees will be discussed and then selected for hire.


On the careers page of Tesco, there are advertisements of all the jobs that Tesco has to offer which includes a search bar to cut down on what you need to find. These adverts show the title of the job in bold writing and underneath that tells you where the job is located. Having the advert available means that people can look at it quickly and if they are interested in that job then they can read the position description to see if that job is suitable to them before they apply for the job. Clicking on the view link to the far right of the job advert gives a more detailed look at what it is with a position description.

The position description specifies what the purpose of the job is, responsibilities and the duties that are involved within the job. This allows the applicant to know what the job is about before applying to the job, the applicants would be able to see whether the job i