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Unit 8 (M1): Promoting an E-Commerce System


Recommend methods to promote an e-commerce system (M1)

Search Engines

Paying to be the most prominent in a search engine can be beneficial to Cuckoo. When a customer searches clocks or something similar in a search engine, then the top website link can be Cuckoo. This will help Cuckoo gain customers through the web since the people searching for clocks obviously are interested in a clock and therefore; Cuckoo will increase sales and gain future customers who want to shop at Cuckoo again.

Newsgroups and Forums

Having a forum or newsgroup is one way of connecting Cuckoo to the customers. Since e-commerce is online-based, you tend to not have much human interaction. Having this connection means you can interact with the customers and see what they are interested so you can adapt and make better products to sell.

Banners and Pop-ups

Using banners and pop-ups is a good method of promoting Cuckoo as the more times a user sees the pop-up or banner then has a more of a chance to get their interest. This could help Cuckoo get more customers and if people ever needed something they might remember to go back to Cuckoo and see if they might want to buy something.


Spam emails are emails which are sent to large masses of people who have no connection to the business to promote their product. People who send spam mail get email address from many different ways, such as buying customer emails from other businesses that the customers have purchased similar products that Cuckoo sell.

Site Name

When creating an e-commerce website you want the domain name to be easy to remember to ensure that your customers can remember it whenever they want to go to Cuckoo, such as Cuckoo need to take into consideration how easy the site could be misspelled and many customers could be taken to another website and get lost because they were spelling it like Cucko, Cookoo, kukoo etc.

Direct Marketing

Using direct marketing gets straight to your audience without the hassle of taking time to promote using other methods such as banners and pop-ups. Email marketing can be used to promote Cuckoo as people who subscribe to Cuckoo will get the latest offers and items on sale or if they have brought other items from businesses you can use this information that you get from other agencies to find people who may be interested in what you sell.

User Interface

When using an e-commerce website the user interface must be very good and easy to use as if the customer is unable to they will most likely shop somewhere else. When designing a user interface issues must be thought about such as who are the users, what do the user want or need to do etc.

Customer Loyalty

There are many different ways you can create customer loyalty through an online environment by making a reward system such as buying products from Cuckoo give you points you can spend of further products from Cuckoo which makes customers want to go there again.

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