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Hi, my name is Jack Young, also known as SirHandsomeJack, and i am a Software Developer. I graduated from the University of Greenwich in 2018 with a first-class Computer Science degree. I am now on the hunt to further improve my skills and experience in the industry, did i also mention that i LOVE games?

I have equal passion for creating and playing games. My favourite genre is RPG; I enjoy role playing characters and being able to create my own story with friends, it is my dream to be able to be a part of a development team, making a great adventure to share with other players.

My favourite part when creating any software is experimenting with various creative ideas; for example, when playing other games, I always have this urge to express "I wish they did this or maybe they should have done that". So given the opportunity, I will be able to have the flexibility to implement these ideas that add more life to the game which makes it much more liberating when seeing other players enjoying the experience that I was involved in creating.




  • C#

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • SQL

  • HTML

  • PHP


  • Unity3D

  • Visual Studio

  • Android Studio

  • Microsoft Office

  • Git



  • Web Services (SOAP)

  • Relational Databases

  • 2D User Interface

  • Windows/Android Ecosystem

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