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Unit 1 (P1): Personal Attributes

Explain the personal attributes valued by employers (P1)

Specific Attributes


There is always some kind of qualification that an employer is looking for, this depends on the job. The qualification shows how capable you are at something and gives the employer something to work with and it gives an understanding of what you could do which is valued by the employer.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is very important in some jobs more than others. But overall, if you don’t know any knowledge of Health and Safety, the employees could potentially be harmed when working around you. It is important to the employer to know that everyone is safe.


Most employers now value work experience over grades, this is why having experience before going into a job is hugely advantageous over employees who do not.

General Attributes

Time Management

Time management is one of the main attributes an employer is looking for. This links in with organisation skills and that the employer wants to see their employees completing their task on time. Completing the task set on time also shows motivation towards the job.

Planning Skills

Employers are looking for people that have good organisation skills. Being able to plan ahead of the task you’ve been set shows this very well. Employers are expected of you to plan tomorrow for today and tomorrow for tomorrow after that and so on.


This is also one of the main attributes employers expect of you. Even though some people like to work independently, being able to work in a team makes work a lot easier since multiple heads are better than one.



If you have a lack of confidence, then you may not be able to solve problems that occur throughout your job. This can be issues for some people because most people have to develop their confidence while others are naturally good at it.


Some if not all employers are looking for employees that can think for themselves. Employers don’t want to tell their employees what to do next every so often since that can get frustrating for them very quickly.


Certain attitudes like confidence people lack in and the way around this is being determined to do work. This is much valued by employers because it shows that you enjoy doing the work.

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