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Unit 28 (P1, M1, D1): Web Architecture and Components

Outline the web architecture and components which enable internet and web functionality (P1)

Web Architecture

Internet Service Providers (ISP)

An internet service provider offers users the use of the internet. ISP companies like BT or Virgin provides the users with a variety of software packages which include a username, password and access to a phone number with a modem.

Web Hosting Services

There are many different types of Web Hosting services such as Shared Web Hosting. This is a service that allows other users to host their websites on a web server along with other websites. Shared Web Hosting is cheaper and is commonly used by Bloggers, Website Designers, e-commerce stores and small businesses. A disadvantage of this type of hosting is that it is slower and less reliable because websites take up all the band width or may cause the server to malfunction which leads to all the websites crashing or having problems. Depending on the host, it can come with SSL support and able to buy a unique IP address which you ca